Blest Are We: Faith and Word 
Philosophy:Parish, family, and catechist make up the indispensable "we" that constitutes the community of faith.  This program seeks to strengthen the partnership of home, parish community, and catechises.  Blest Are We: Faith and Word sees the whole parish as the place where the life of faith is nurtured.  Blest are we, indeed! BLEST ARE WE: FAITH AND WORD covers grades 1 - 8 with the publication of The Roman Missal Changes.
It has often been said that faith is caught and taught.  Faith is caught, or deeply experienced, wherever and whenever family members are in harmony with one another and with God.  Faith is caught in the word and work of the believing parish.  The ordered unfolding of belief, worship, morality, and prayer occurs in catechises.  Here that very faith, which has been caught at home and in the parish, is taught.  And so it is that the faith community "constitutes itself as the living and permanent environment for growth in the faith"

The new CCD year begins September 10, 2017. Classes will be from 9:45-11:00. This is for grades Kindergarten thru High School.
Registration letters are being mailed. click the links below for the letter and registration forms. The first page is in English and the second page is in Spanish.
Also click the link to see the Catechetical Ministry Organizational Chart. 

Registration Letter

CCD Registration Form

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Catechetical Ministry Organizational Chart

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