When -- 
When I sing I feel connected somehow. It's just easy for me to find inspiration. Singing is my way of showing how I feel about someone or something. Singing makes me feel connected to people. Singing is how I show who I really am. (Sarah Shrader-Children's Choir age 8)
I sing because there is a message in each song and conveying that to the people with my voice is the best use of the gift that God gave me that I can think of.  And because I can never say no to Father Leo. (Christine Farkas—cantor)
 Me thinks we sing because we know we have been given a gift, and
I believe that the best thing to do with a gift is to make a gift.   (Bob Beattie—Heritage choir)  
 I sing and play Trombone for mass because God gave me the gift of music.  Song is a wonderful thing that can create moods, lift prayer to God, and is a gift that God gave us to be shared with Him and with our fellow man.  The only recorded instant of our Blessed Lord singing is after the Last Supper, and so I believe that the best time for us to sing to the glory of God is when he shares that life giving bread and saving cup with us.   (Benny Perez—Precious Blood Choir)
 I was born in Asuncion, capital of the Republic of Paraguay.  I studied music and singing, receiving my bachelor’s degree and title of professor of music and singing. I worked in several colleges teaching music while continuing my studies in singing.  I performed in operas, operettas and zarzuelas until a rare disease started irritating and corroding my vocal cords.
In spite of seeking medical help, it was four years later that I was found to have an allergy to the chalk that I used in my music classes at school.  By then, according to the specialist who discovered the evil that I had suffered, it was already too late to do anything and reverse the damage on my vocal cords.  The words of the doctor were “I’m sorry, but you have already lost the voice of a singer.  If you do not stop teaching music, you will lose the rest of your voice.” The words of the doctor gave me very few options, so I made a very radical decision.  I abandoned my career exactly two months before my presentation as a soloist with the Symphonic Orchestra of Asuncion.
I already belonged to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement and was to carry out a retreat with Father Emiliano Tardiff, a prominent and highly recognized charismatic priest. I went to the retreat with the sole purpose of asking God to work a miracle in me, that if He would change it, I promised that I would stop singing and working in the secular world and, even if I had only half of the voice that I had before the problem started in my throat, that I would sing only for Him.  It was to my great surprise when, during the mass of healing that we had at the end of the retreat, I experienced a rare improvement in my voice.
Since then, and to date, my only main purpose in life is to fulfill on my part the promise that I did at that time to my God--singing only for Him.  (Liz Beatriz Gini-Gamba—Hispanic Choir)
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