Update as of Nov. 15: 

Please help our fellow parishioner out. The family has had a terrible time with multiple family illnesses. Danielle Gambale- Metz hates to ask for help and very humbly let this Go Fund Me account be made.Thanks for all your support.
"UPDATE: Yesterday was a LONG LONG day! They changed my chemo meds to a higher dose and I have to come home for a few more tests. I am doing all the right things by eating my alkaline diet, etc. Dr. Guy is keeping track of everything and is in chats with Dr. Markoe. Dr. Markoe (oncologist) is an amazing man and is so incredibly positive about everything. He is reaching further out for more information as some test results he was not satisfied with. I can do these all at home. And he will contact me after, we all agree that we will get through Christmas and return in January unless something comes up."

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There are many resources for Advent on FORMED!  Check out Opening the Word: Advent through Christmas for meditations on the Sunday readings.  This and more on FORMED. 

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